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Privacy policy and the use of cookie files

  1. This Privacy Policy determines the rules of processing and personal data security given by the customers in relation to the service provided by website (hereinafter referred to as Website).
  2. Database is administered by SALUS – HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Ltd. (Salus HRM) with its headquarters in Wrocław, Pl. Powstańców 17A/222 registered in District Court for Wrocław Fabryczna in Wrocław, VI Commercial Division of the National Court Register KRS 0000270266, NIP 8942887355, REGON 020419404 (hereinafter referred to as Administrator).
  3. Out of the concern of the safety of personal data the Administrator works on the basis of internatl procedures and recommendations in compliance with legislation in matters of personal data safety, particurarly European‘s Parliament and Council (UE) decree 2016/679 from 27th April 2016 about natural persons security concerning processing of personal data and the free movement of such data as well as repealing the directive 95/46/WE.
  4. Administrator is bound with due dilligence concerning protection of personal data in partucular ensuring that personal data are processed only in order and in regard to conclusion and execution of the service.
  5. Personal data will be stored for the period necessary for executing the contract and after that period will be stored only until the expiration of claims and concerning the provisions resulting from generally aplicable laws.
  6. Person whose data are concerned has a right to; access, recify, renew, delete or limit the processing of personal data but also has a right to transfer personal data or disagree about processing personal data at any time.
  7. Person whose data are concerned has a right to lodge a complaint to supervisory authority processing personal data in accordance with legislation on personal data protection when it considers that personal data process violate generally aplicable laws.
  8. Giving personal data is voluntary however it is a condition for making a performing a reservation.
  9. Personal data are safe from; illegal acces and acquisition of unauthorised persons but also from destruction, loss, damage as well as processing that is contrary to legislation concerning personal data protection.
  10. Administrator processes personal data of a client in the following areas; name, surname, adress, contact data, date of stay, lenght of stay and data concerning the number of people at the reservation as well as the age of those that accompany contracting person.
  11. Administrator will not sell or transfer personal data of clients to other entities unless the duty results from the legislation or is indispensable for any claims of violating laws and rights of a client.
  12. Data shall be made available within the limits permitted by law.
  13. Data to enable identification of a natural person will be made available only on condition of the consent.
  14. Administrator may be in duty to give information gathered by Service to authorised bodies on the lawful grounds resulting from the claim.
  15. Personal data will not be transferred to any third country.
  16. ‘Cookie‘ privacy:

  17. Service uses cookies files.

  18. Cookies files (‘cookies‘) are IT data, mostly text documents that are stored on the device of the Service user and are intended for using Service. Files usually contain the name of the website they come from as well as time of the storage on the terminal and unique number.

  19. Service operator and/or cooperating subjects gain acces and place the files on the terminal.

  20. Cookie files are used for:

  21. creating stastics which help to understand how Service users use websites that enables their improvement in structure and content,

  22. maintenance of Service user session (after signing in) by which the user does not have enter login and password on each subpage of the Service.

  23. identification of the user‘s profile in order to adjust screened advertisment materials, mostly in Google.

  24. Service uses two basic types of cookie files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored on terminal until the user signs out or leaves the website or turns off the browser. Persisten cookies are stored on terminal for a period determined in the cookie parameters or until user deletes them.

  25. Website browsers usually allows storage of cookies in default settings on the user‘s terminal. Users are able to change settings. Website browsers allow to delete cookies. It is also possible to block cookies. You can find detailed information in ‘help‘ section or in website browser documentation.

  26. Limitation in cookies files may affect some areas of functionality avaible on the Service‘s Website.

  27. Cookies files placed in Service User‘s terminal may be also used by the advertisers, partners or payment operators cooperating with the Service.

  28. We recomment to read Data Security Policy of those companies to learn rules of the use of cookie files used in statistics: Google Privacy Policy.

  29. Cookie files may by used by advertisers, Google in particular, to screen ads adjusted to the way how User browses the Service. For this purpose they may contain navigation track information about the User or duration of stay on the Website.

  30. User may browse or edit information resulting from Cookie Policy in the area of user‘s preferences gathered by Google Website using

  31. Administrator reserves right to modification in Privacy Policy of the Service which may occure resulting from internet technology development, possible legal changes in areas of personal data or Service development. We will inform Users abot any changes in a evident and understandable manner.